1. Artwork design, color printing.
2. Various packaging materials, such as poly bag, aluminum foil bag, PE bag, zipper
    pouch, and stand-up pouch.
3. Cap sealing film for jelly, pudding and other cup(box) cap, easy tear cap film,
    and magnetic induction capsealing film.
4. Various polycell film rolls for automatic
    packaging applications.
5. Vacuum bags for various vacuum
    packaging applications.
6. Static-electricity resistant packaging
7. Water based packaging materials.
8. Moisture resistant, acid resistant, and high
    barrier packaging materials.
9. Powder, liquid, oil and acid resistant leak-proof packaging materials.
10. Frozen, steamed, high temperature sterilizing packaging materials.
11. Various glue coated papers.
12. Microwave packaging materials.
13. Other food, drug and industrial packaging material